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Why Root Cause?

Our Vision

Whole Hearted Wellness and Root Cause Medicine

Wellness and illness are a spectrum.  Functional and Integrative Medicine work to reduce inflammation, optimize nutrition, balance hormones, improve gut function,  activate the body's innate healing mechanisms, assure you are connected to your family and community and optimize natural detoxification.  This process occurs through multiple mechanisms including stress reduction, dietary changes,  movement, breath, medications and supplements to help patients achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness.   We know you can heal, and live the life you want to be living!   

We want you to really feel good again!   


Our Mission

  1.  We believe in the inherent nature of our bodies to heal.

  2. We listen intently to get to the root cause of your conditions, we don’t just treat symptoms. 

  3. We invest in your success and consider costs in our recommendations for treatment. 

  4. We will help you solve for your biggest goal first! 

  5. We have tools and expertise to overcome challenges and obstacles and will connect you with a team to support your goals. ​​

  6. We respond intuitively and energetically to patterns that need attention to help make big change easy.

  7. We utilize osteopathic manual medicine as indicated to improve somatic dysfunction.

  8. We believe that Food is Medicine and Information that is directing your health.

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