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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

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Harlan W.

I began feeling dizzy and passing out about 3 years before I came to see Dr. Thompson.   I was miserable and felt extremely frustrated that even though I wasn’t yet 40, I didn’t have stamina for my physically demanding job and my young family.   


The cardiologist told me I had POTS and the tilt table confirmed it.   But . . . there was no “cure.”  They gave me some medication to keep my blood pressure up and told me to eat extra salt, but especially in the summer, this didn’t help at all.   


I had lost all hope in doctors or getting answers. I assumed working with you would be another waste of my time.


Looking back, in my early 30’s my whole body ached and cracked “like an old man,” I developed asthma and had abnormal pulmonary functions tests and I had headaches everyday.   I was tired and grumpy and impatient and needed a nap every afternoon.  


You were not like any doctor I have ever met. I wasn't a number. You really took your time.  You listened to me, came up with a game plan, ran a ton of tests and found the issue. 


You treated the problem, not the symptoms. 


Basically, you gave me back my life. 


I feel better at 40 than I did in my 20’s.  


I have energy and can work and play and live my dream of expanding our farmette.   I learned to be more open minded. Taking care of yourself involves more than you think. 


Little things matter.   Thank you, 

Harlan W.

March 9, 2023

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