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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Pat V.

The gift of a NEW Label


Pat’s label was IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and she has had it for years,  it wasn’t new  . . . but it was now “Irritating and painful” most days and Pat wasn’t a complainer.  


Her Gastroenterologist, Dr. Dan,  who had been seeing her for years sent her to me. He too was skeptical, but even so, he had tried all sorts of treatments, even Linzess (which is $480 A MONTH)  and that only made her worse. 


When we dived deep and built her Health Timeline it wasn’t just IBS, she also had”


  • Headaches 

  • Insomnia 

  • Dark Circles under eyes 

  • Itchy ears

  • Ringing in ears

  • Dry, itchy skin

  • IBS ( Diarrhea 4, Constipation 4, Bloated feeling 4, Belching, Intestinal/stomach pain 4)

  • Feeling of weakness or tiredness, decreased stamina

  • Food cravings and excessive weight

  • Fatigue and apathy


I laughed a little when Pat shared this lovely testimonial about resolving her IBS.   The funny thing  is it says very little about all of her OTHER symptoms.   Pat’s initial MSQ was a 71 and it dropped to a 12, in just 12 weeks.   


“ I came to Maryland Integrative Health after years of living with IBS. I was initially skeptical about Dr. Thompson’s integrative approach, but my IBS symptoms were getting worse, so I met with her. Dr. Thompson provided me with a treatment plan after some very thorough testing, which helped me learn which foods are good for my body and which are the problems. She also prescribed a variety of supplements that no other doctor had ever suggested. She also offered mindfulness activities and stress reducing exercises. After completing her program, I felt much better, and to my surprise, I lost weight. My IBS symptoms were much improved. Now I think more carefully about what I eat and how it will make me feel. 


What I most liked about working with her is that Dr. Thompson looks at the whole person and how our body systems interact. Unlike a specialist, who simply prescribes medication for one specific body function, Dr. Thompson understands that what we eat and how our bodies process it affects every physical system, so she treats the whole person, not simply a disorder. Most of all, she really listens to her patients and never talks down to them.


Pat V,  Crisfield, MD

December 2021

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