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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

Studio Portrait

Bridget K.

I was so fed up with my GP, dermatologist and allergist.  My hands were the problem and over the last 3 years had become dry, cracked and very painful all the time - they looked horrible. 


They did food, environment and chemical allergy testing and surprise - They say I am allergic to most ingredients in soaps and cleaning products but also to turkey, tea, peaches, corn, oranges, and really allergic to soy. 


All they want to do is give me medications, biologics: to suppress my immune system and steroids.  My hands are not all the way better yet, BUT, so many other things have gotten better!


I am surprised to have a doc that listens and encourages without drugs or meds.     You helped me see how my mental health was affecting my body and you helped me instill better eating habits,  my food is clean!!   My sleep is great now and I wake up rested.   I don’t have the crazy belly bloat that would just come without warning.    I down over 20 pounds without dieting and I can even meditate for more than 2 minutes 🤣 


My only hesitation to join you was the cost and time but it was so worth it.   The difference is amazing .  . .  I have so much energy! 


Yes, sometimes I get frustrated because I thought curing this was going to be a really quick fix.  But, my nails are growing fast and strong and fully healthy skin on my hands will be next!


THANK YOU! We can do this! 


~Bridget K,  Frankford, DE

October 2022

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