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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

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Ashley L. 

When I first started working with Dr. Thompson I was waking up with horrible hives everyday - -  all over my body.   Anytime something would irritate my skin (even something as simple as carrying in grocery bags) my body would break out in itchy, painful hives.   I was also having bad swelling and changes like bruises in my feet and ankles especially when I was running or working out. 


None of my doctors could or would do anything about it, they called it “Idiopathic Urticaria,” and there is “NO CURE.”   I had only developed this problem in the last year or so and it was ruining my daily life.   It felt like just something I would have to live with forever, and it was making me really miserable.    Additionally, I was actually developing angioedema which is a condition where your lips and tongue swell and can be life threatening.  While my skin was the worst part, I was also having daily migraine headaches multiple times a week. I was exhausted because I couldn’t sleep with the itching and I felt like my brain just didn’t work.   My stomach was a mess and I was craving foods all the time, but then didn’t feel like I could eat.  I was new to my career and I had horrible brain fog, and I couldn’t make simple decisions.   I was having to call out of work because I looked and felt so terrible.  


I had seen two specialists and my primary and was taking 5 different medications and 2 supplements and I was only getting worse.  


Dr. Thompson spent a lot of time going through my history and we did a special GI MAP test and some blood work to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. We then made some diet accommodations and added in supplements to help heal my body.  I was making progress very quickly and I stuck with the program.   I learned that I have a lot of willpower and if I truly set my mind to it I can make any changes I want to.  


I was most surprised about how easy it was to reach out to Dr. Thompson. She was always available to answer any questions or ease any concerns especially when I had what felt like an enormous set back.  But she had a plan and we moved past the hardest parts of the treatment phase.    


After only 8 weeks, I have not had any headaches except for very mild, common headaches.  NO migraines! No G.I. upset bloating and belching or cravings, mood has been excellent, no fatigue brain fog or decision making difficulty.  MY MSQ score went from 86→ 32 in just 8 weeks and I know it is continuing to improve.   My days are hive free and am generally much more comfortable in my skin.   I sleep well, am able to enjoy my life and travel, do my workouts and do my work!  


~ Ashley L.  

Salisbury, MD

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