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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea

Kathleen F.

A few years ago, after a lifetime of low blood pressure I was told that my blood pressure was too high.   I was shocked!   Even though high blood pressure runs in my family I never felt that it would be a diagnosis for me.  


I had a complete cardiac work up, and it was fine.   They concluded that I did not need to be on medications, yet.   It was going up and down for a couple of years.   Acupuncture helped, but as soon as I stopped, the pressure crept up again.  I moved to a new town and my new doctors wouldn't ignore the blood pressure numbers, so I started on 50mg Losartan and then Losartan 100mg.  


Then in last year I developed high cholesterol.  Doctor wanted to put me on a statin I said, “No, let me change my diet."  I did make some changes and it came down a bit to 223.  She still recommended a statin.  I said “NO!”    


That's when I started with Dr. Thompson.  As we dived in, I complained of frequent extreme fatigue and realized I needed a nap almost daily.  I had lots of gas, which was embarrassing.  And, I really wasn’t happy with my weight. 


Dr. Thompson listened closely and I embraced the entire program that was offered to me.   I followed the food plan, did dry brushing, journaling, and took some recommended supplements.  I was already a meditator and tennis player, so I just continued those activities.  I found the bi-weekly support groups were a tremendous help. 


I am happy to say that my cholesterol came down to 145!! And my blood pressure is in the low normal range and we cut back the medication.  I am confident that when I go for my follow up visit with my PCP I will be able to stop the BP meds. 


I have much more energy and a brief nap is now a choice, (I am retired after all) not a given!!   I sleep better and have gotten under my goal weight!     I feel great nearly every day and am truly empowered to take responsibility for my continued outstanding health.


The thing that surprised me most was the comprehensiveness of your program - Body, Mind and Spirit!  It is truly the right formula for amazing health, but it is not what I was expecting.  I was also surprised by my increased awareness of how my food is stored, grown, etc.  and the impact of this on our environment.  No aspect was left out of our discussions to heighten our awareness.  


I learned so much about myself- that I can heal my body with the right tools and to trust my instincts.  But mostly that I am responsible for creating the health that I want.   I started  Qi-Gong and have discovered that I really love it so am looking to learn more...serendipity!!


Thank you for your guidance, 


Kathleen F.  

Frankford, DE

August, 2022

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