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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

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Hi Tricia,  I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the help you have given me over the past 6 months!!  It is incredible how much I have learned from you about the root causes leading to my crazy blood sugars.  And how to deal with them, from the understanding of how certain foods like dairy can affect our gut and how it makes our body feel.  AND that a yeast infection in the gut changes my metabolism and my food cravings.   I learned to get into relaxation mode using meditation and 4-7-8 breathing and this led to me not being triggered emotionally to eat sugar.


The biggest lesson was probably how to deal emotionally with my Diabetes.  You recommended the book Loving What Is and combined with the support you and Elizabeth have given me I was able to move to a place of control with my health I haven’t had in more than 40 years!  The list goes on  . . .


The Group Q&A Zoom calls I participated in and listened to when I was unable to be on the call gave me and have given me great inspiration.  They made me more aware that I am not alone and that everyone has things they deal with, but it does make a difference how we go about it! 


At this time, I am so aware of what I need to do to keep going forward and I feel confident I have all the tools to look at to keep me inspired. My journey has just begun but I will achieve what I want out of Life, which, most importantly, is to be there for my family in the Future! Plus I know you are a phone call away if I need to see you!! 


I’m dedicated to keeping my blood sugars on an even keel and eating the right foods and taking all my vitamins. Overall health is so important and I can see my ulcer healing through meditation.   I also am taking another hour of Pilates weekly with my friend from our amazing health coach Elizabeth D. She is incredible with all she knows and I really like taking Pilates from her!! 


Thank you again,from the bottom of my heart!! I will keep in touch! 


Peace and Health



Salisbury, MD

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