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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

Confident Mature Woman
Wendy P

Wendy Packard

Dr Thompson, 
I am so very excited to assist in promoting not only you and your practice, but functional medicine.


What was going on with you when you came to work with me?
I had been having chronic health problems for about 15 years. I went from Doctor to Doctor looking for core answers to my symptoms: 

  • Fatigue

  • Unable to lose weight (and gaining weight)

  • Brain fog

  • Chronic pain in muscles

  • Chronic stomach and digestion issues. 

Because of the ongoing issues, I had figured out food was a big cause of many of my symptoms.  I had taken gluten, soy, corn, and most recent dairy out of my diet.  Several years ago, I was able to find relief through a nutritionist, which lasted about three years, but with an overwhelming amount of stress, several moves, and hormone changes the symptoms were back and even worse.  I thought I may have a thyroid issue or an autoimmune disease. I had studied functional medical professionals but have never lived in a state where I could find someone I trusted.  I had been looking for a good physician who looked for a root cause, not just a pill to hide the symptoms. 
What did we do?
First and foremost,she listened, did not dismiss one symptom, made a list of things to address and created a plan.  From the start Dr. Thompson, and the team from Maryland Integrative Health became invested in my success, from the weekly group events, to providing a ton of excellent information via the internal communication portal.  The very first appointment will show a drastic difference in what most people would expect in a first appointment.  Dr. Thompson does a complete investigation into your symptoms, lifestyle, and goals. Not rushed, but truly wants to find the answer to what is an issue. 

What difference did it make?
As a military spouse I am required to have a PCM via the military insurance plan.    Within the first 10 minutes with my new PCM she was suggesting medication, not what could be causing a particular problem ( which by the way, Dr. Thompson addressed and it is no longer an issue). It is so incredibly refreshing to have a team like Dr. Thompsons that is not quick to suggest medication, but looks at all aspects of life to find the “ROOT” cause.  All of the testing that is completed gives the team a clear picture on how to help you heal and feel your best!  That is a huge difference from most western medicine doctors. 

What surprised you about working with me?
The amount of accessibility I had to you and your team.  Literally I could have a 1:1 appointment or a group meeting 3 to 4 times a week.  The support and the testing were amazing. 

What did you learn about yourself? 
So much, as I had mentioned I had done a bit of work already, researching food, autoimmune, and alternative ways to look at my health, but being a patient under the care of the team took my knowledge level to a new height. I also learned I was not eating as clean as I thought, and I self-sabotage by depleting myself of much needed sleep. 


Was there anything that almost prevented you from working with us?
No, not really, because I had done some homework on functional medicine, I was over the moon to find a practice in my state!  It had been many years of searching.  Now at first, if you are not accustomed to paying for medical out-of-pocket that may feel uncomfortable.  I knew most insurance would not pay for some portions of the treatment. But, when you look at the cost, and the amount of care you are provided by this team it is worth every penny.  I had come to a point that I had to feel better, I was struggling to work, travel, and be a functioning part of my family.  


Also, I live two hours away from the office, again not a huge hurdle, but some may think that is too far to go.  The great thing about this is you can do most of the work via telehealth.  Most tests Dr. Thompson ordered were done from my own home, or the local Walgreens ( blood work), making the commute to her office a non issue. 


Thank you Dr. Thompson!  I do feel so much better and am looking forward to continuing on to become even better.  


Wendy Packard
April 2 2023

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