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4-7-8 Breathe Tool

4-7-8- Breathe Meditation

Wild Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms

The healing powers of medicinal mushrooms

Healthy Diet

Andrew Weil, MD Anti-inflammatory Diet

Anti-inflammatory eating VIDEO

Modern Bathroom

How is your poop?

at MIH we care how you poop - check your transit time

Sleeping with Eye Mask

How to sleep?

Here are the answers!


Our Financial Policy

Balancing your health and your finances

Happy Friends

Choosing the right practice

Consumer's guide to functional medicine

vagus nerve

The Vagus Nerve

Gaining control over your autonomic nervous system



Covid-19 conversation with an ER doctor on the front lines, Dr. Tricia Thompson

Studying at Home

Herbal Foot Bath Recipe

A recipe

Support Group

What is integrative medicine?

Everything you ever wanted to know . . . 

Enjoying the View

Detox at Home

7 detox strategies from home

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