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Dr. Thompson

We help women and men resolve chronic health issues by identifying and correcting them at the root cause so that they can enjoy vitality and resilience without medical confusion and take back control of their health.  


We know we are successful when our patients experience greater energy, joy, and fitness by resolving symptoms.


Modern day medicine is chasing its tail, diving on disease processes with pharmaceuticals and aggressive interventions after illness is well established instead of listening to the early subtle signs and asking why there is imbalance.   


Our bodies are the most divine creation: they only know how to heal.   The factors of modern life are affecting the messaging systems of the body and creating dysfunction.  Often this starts in the gut, but soon affects hormones, the neurological system and the metabolic system.    This leaves us fatigued with decreased mental clarity and memory issues.   It often leads to difficulty sleeping, mood changes and increased weight.  If this is you - your body is trying to tell you something!      


Based in Functional and Integrative Medicine this practice is here to simplify the process to health and support you every step of the way in the most natural and physiologic method possible.  We focus on outcomes, not labels. Our commitment is to YOUR life and health goals.  I start with listening intently and proceed as a skilled partner and guide along your journey. ​


With Love,   

            Tricia Thompson, DO

What we do 

Tricia Thompson, DO



Your entire health timeline will be investigated during your initial one-on-one evaluation with Dr. Thompson



Heal your body from the roots up

Happy Woman
Welcoming Woman



You and your body regain power!



Energized and empowered you discover Wholehearted Wellness


Happy Women Walking

Our Vision

Wellness and illness are a spectrum.  Functional and Integrative Medicine work to reduce inflammation, optimize nutrition, balance hormones, improve gut function,  activate the body's innate healing mechanisms, assure you are connected to your family and community and optimize natural detoxification.  This process occurs through multiple mechanisms including stress reduction, dietary changes,  movement, breath, medications and supplements to help patients achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness.   We know you can heal, and live the life you want to be living!   

We want you to really feel good again!   

Our Values

  1. We believe our bodies only want to heal

  2. We listen intently

  3. ​​We work collaboratively with you

  4. We invest in you and consider costs 

  5. We have a team of experts to support you

  6. We respond intuitively and energetically

  7. We support your health sovereignty

  8. We believe that food is medicine 

  9. We want you to be inspired

  10. We will empower you to heal

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Contact Us:

617 Franklin Avenue, Suite 15, Berlin, MD 21811

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