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Here at Root Cause Doc, we are dedicated to providing the best care possible for our patients. We are proud to say that we have helped countless patients get to the root cause of their problems.


To show our commitment to exceptional care, here are some of the testimonials from our grateful patients:

Wendy Packard

Wendy Packard

"I went from Doctor to Doctor looking for core answers to my symptoms: Fatigue, unable to lose weight (and gaining weight), Brain fog, Chronic pain in muscles, Chronic stomach and digestion issues. From the start Dr. Thompson, and the team from Maryland Integrative Health became invested in my success. Dr. Thompson does a complete investigation into your symptoms, lifestyle, and goals. Not rushed, but truly wants to find the answer to what is an issue. "

Harlan Williams

Black and White Portrait of a Male

"I began feeling dizzy and passing out about 3 years before I came to see Dr. Thompson. The cardiologist told me I had POTS and the tilt table confirmed it.   But . . . there was no “cure.” Dr. Thompson was not like any doctor I have ever met. I wasn't a number. She  really took her time.  She listened to me, came up with a game plan, ran a ton of tests and found the issue.   She treated the problem, not the symptoms." 

Karen Shockley

Mature Woman

"I had just been diagnosed with gastroparesis, after having nausea and vomiting for months and was told there was no cure. A colleague of mine who also suffered with stomach issues had worked with Dr. Thompson and was very happy with her results.   Dr. Thompson listened to me and was reassuring that the Root Cause program would help not only with my nausea but would definitely improve my overall well being." 

Bridget K.

Studio Portrait

"My hands were the problem and over the last 3 years had become dry, cracked and very painful all the time - they looked horrible. I am surprised to have a doc that listens and encourages without drugs or meds.     Dr. Thompson helped me see how my mental health was affecting my body and  helped me instill better eating habits,  my food is clean!!  My sleep is great now and I wake up rested.   I don’t have the crazy belly bloat that would just come without warning. "

Kathy N.

Portrait at Home

"My migraines were taking over my life, they even made me numb on one side!  Scary. And then covid  happened, the stress of teaching got way worse and I saw Dr. Thompson's post. I truly feel like God dropped her into my life just when I had enough of feeling this way.  What surprised me was the ease of it all.  With Dr. T it was like hanging out with a great friend that just knows her stuff.  She truly listens. That surprised me too.  Let's be honest, most doctors just reach for a script without really getting to know you or your concerns."

Kathleen F. 

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea

"A few years ago, after a lifetime of low blood pressure I was told that my blood pressure was too high. Then in last year I developed high cholesterol. That's when I started with Dr. Thompson. She listened closely and I embraced the entire program that was offered to me. The thing that surprised me most was the comprehensiveness of Dr. Thompson's program - Body, Mind and Spirit!  It is truly the right formula for amazing health, but it is not what I was expecting." 

Heather P.

Woman with Long Hair

"When I first came to see Dr. Thompson I was having what my primary doctor and allergist called I had unspecified urticaria. I also had been on medications for IBS for over a decade.   We worked together and developed a plan, it actually started with my gut. I’m shocked Dr. Thompson was able to get me off medications I’ve been on for most of my life. My sleep is also much better.    "

Laura L.

Image by Jonas Verstuyft

"I was your # 1 fan within the first 1 hour of meeting you!!! During the 1st visit you fixed my daily headaches, allergy issues and nasal blockage just by doing a simple exam and osteopathic treatment!  You worked to “fix my gut” and now I have almost no headaches, no digestive issues or discomfort (I had big problems for my whole life)  and no more food sensitivities.    I started  sleeping soundly through the night. "

Roxanne D.


"When I first came to Dr. Thompson  I had a number of issues going on. 

I have improved in all areas.    Some things like my anxiety, IBS and depression are completely gone!!!   The joint and spine stiffness are at a much more manageable level even at the worst times, like when I over do it.   "  


Image by Anna Fothergill

"Hi Tricia,  I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the help you have given me over the past 6 months!!  It is incredible how much I have learned from you about the root causes leading to my crazy blood sugars. The Group Q&A Zoom calls I participated in and listened to when I was unable to be on the call gave me and have given me great inspiration.  They made me more aware that I am not alone and that everyone has things they deal with, but it does make a difference how we go about it! "

Michelle S


"When  I first started to work with Dr. Thompson, I was moody, gaining weight, had crazy heavy periods, brain fog, memory issues, anxiety, Interstitial Cystitis (IC) flares which lead to bladder pain as well as skin issues,that had been diagnosed as psoriasis.Immediately after starting the Functional Medicine plan, I gained instant clarity in my brain and skin!  Moodiness subsided. "

 Katherine B.

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

"When I first came to see Tricia, I was experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, extreme fatigue and weakness with minimal exertion. What surprised me about working with Dr. Thompson was that I could exhale and feel safe for the first time in a long time.   I learned that I can be still and I don’t have to be doing it all, all of the time.I continued to work with Tricia Thompson for the next 12 weeks for ongoing support with her Community Care program.  I still got to enjoy the weekly Q&A’s and continue to heal!

Ashley L. 

Young Smiling Woman

"I was waking up with horrible hives everyday - -  all over my body. None of my doctors could or would do anything about it, they called it “Idiopathic Urticaria,” and there is “NO CURE.” After only 8 weeks, I have not had any headaches except for very mild, common headaches.  NO migraines! No G.I. upset bloating and belching or cravings, mood has been excellent, no fatigue brain fog or decision making difficulty.  MY MSQ score went from 86→ 32 in just 8 weeks and I know it is continuing to improve.

Elaine B. 


"When we first started to work together, I had been working on refining my diet to help my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms and was struggling a bit to stay consistent. I was just so happy to find a functional doctor near me!  Your holistic approach was everything I hoped it would be.  I always felt that you took the time to listen and address any issue I brought up.   I have learned that there is a lot more I can do to control my stress and it has and will continue to make a major difference in my well being. "

Amanda P.


"I had racked up 4 auto immune disorder diagnoses and wanted to see if I could get this under control. When Tricia and I started working together, I had very low energy and was poorly managing a ton of stress. Tricia is patient and good at explaining what is happening in your body.  It is amazing that gut health ties right back to autoimmune diseases.  This was not a correlation that I had ever made before.  The fact that the improvements to my thyroid antibodies can be directly related to better eating, is amazing!!!

Judy E.

Judy E

" I had severe pain in my feet, hands and other joints.   I also had sleep problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety and fatigue. After just a few weeks I started to feel different and change was coming! Working with Tricia has been a God send for me!!  I have gained knowledge about my body and genetics through her.   I like knowing how my gut health steers the ship! I still have a ways to go but am more functional through her help. "

Barbara B.


"I remember the day I walked into Tricia’s office, somewhat manic and crying within the first two minutes. They were tears of depression, tears of fear and tears of exhaustion brought on by chronic pain. Working with Tricia, I continue to look, move and feel like a younger, more centered, more focused woman.  Most important of all....I am more willing to put myself first and treat myself with kindness! Tricia has taught me that I am worth it!

Pat V.

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

"I had IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for years,  it wasn’t new but it was now “Irritating and painful” most days. What I most liked about working with her is that Dr. Thompson looks at the whole person and how our body systems interact. Unlike a specialist, who simply prescribes medication for one specific body function, Dr. Thompson understands that what we eat and how our bodies process it affects every physical system, so she treats the whole person, not simply a disorder. Most of all, she really listens to her patients and never talks down to them.

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