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Federico Vallin

Soul Growth Coach

Federico was born in South America in a family of yogis and spiritual seekers.

After living for decades in many countries, he settled in Canada in 2005. Through incredible ups and downs, he dedicated his life to learning, spirituality, and helping people everywhere he can.


Today his practice involves working with people searching for direction spiritually, cancer patients, people wanting to integrate their psychedelic and plant medicine experiences, couples during life transitions, homeschooling families learning mindfulness, and MS patients through an international organization for the healing of MS based in Europe.

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He recently moved to Kelowna BC and is the director and co-founder of Vallin Health, an organization dedicated to promoting the health, spirituality & wellness of humanity in many ways.  

Federico has worked with dozens of people as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Plant Medicine Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Integrative Health Coach, and though Meditation & Mindfulness with one single passion; Helping his students and patients find true freedom, reinvent themselves, and live better lives.

Over the years many of them have become remarkable success stories defying the course of health conditions such as drug addictions, cancer, MS, depression, and lack of purpose and meaning to name a few.

His classes aim to alleviate all types of mental and emotional pain, experience consciousness expansion, develop self-awareness, and release mental and emotional subconscious blocks.

Some of his training includes: Meditation and mindfulness practices, clinical hypnotherapy for medical support, sport’s hypnosis, therapeutic Imagery, NLP, conscious language, non-violent communication, EFT, and end-of-life support.

Besides all of that, he loves all animals, plants, traveling, anything to do with being in the water, and of course deep & real conversations.

He is open for you to connect anytime and for the longer version of his bio and more feel free to visit:

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