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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

Barb B

Barbara B.

I remember the day I walked into Tricia’s office, somewhat manic and crying within the first two minutes. They were tears of depression, tears of fear and tears of exhaustion brought on by chronic pain. She signaled to me to slow it down and then gave me my first lesson in breath work, 4-7-8. That simple technique has been life changing.   As my awareness of my anxiety began to build, I became conscious of it and its immediate effects. With that awareness I have developed the ability to stop it. 


By the end of the first hour, I was on a path to learning the importance of my mental health’s role in my spiritual and physical health. I am more aware of my physical and mental state of mind (far beyond just mindfulness) and as my internal anxiety begins to build, I now have the tools to stop it. 


I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Fortunately, my condition is not crippling but that first day I walked into Tricia’s office, I was in extreme pain, despite several pain medications.  I was walking with a limp and my back and neck were hunched. Tricia showed me some simple exercises and then suggested an online exercise program that is specifically designed for MS patients. These simple exercises work on retraining the brain to work, and strengthen muscles to improve movement and balance. 


I remember reviewing my medical record and I saw a comment made by my neurologist.  He said that I walked into his room looking like a woman much older than my age in years.  Working with Tricia, I continue to look, move and feel like a younger, more centered, more focused woman.  Most important of all....I am more willing to put myself first and treat myself with kindness! Tricia has taught me that I am worth it!


I have changed my diet and it has helped my pain and inflammation immensely.   I now sleep through the night and wake up rested, and I don’t have brain fog anymore. My skin is clear and I don’t have any more hives.  I am becoming what Tricia calls RESILIENT!  And I have my life back.  


The only objective that I set for myself that has not been met is my desired weight loss. THAT, however, is my own fault. The health coach, Elizabeth, from Maryland Integrative Health worked with me and was encouraging and informative. I was provided the tools for tracking meals and exercise, but I neglected to use them. However, I now have the resources that I can use when I am ready to get serious about that part of the program. I could go on but I can say all of the above in a few simple words. 


Maryland Integrative Health is everything you would expect it to be and more. It works!


~ Barbara B. Ocean City, MD

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