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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .


Elaine B. 

I was just so happy to find a functional doctor near me!  Your holistic approach was everything I hoped it would be.  I always felt that you took the time to listen and address any issue I brought up.   I have learned that there is a lot more I can do to control my stress and it has and will continue to make a major difference in my well being. 


When we first started to work together,  I had been working on refining my diet to help my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms and was struggling a bit to stay consistent.  I was also really suffering: anxiety, headaches, lousy sleep, heart palpitations, bowel issues, and severe joint pain, especially in my hands.   


We approached all of these issues from every angle and looked at the blood, urine and stool testing.  We talked about my life, stressors, diet, etc. as well as what I thought was working well.  Initially my Medical Screening Questionnaire Score (MSQ)  was 63!  Which is really high.  


The plan of care included supplements to rebalance and strengthen my systems, along with exercise and daily meditation. We worked with some relaxation practices that  I had tried previously and you offered new ideas and taught me how to do them.   I still have some joint damage from earlier in my life, but we are working to increase function.  AND many of my problem areas like my knees and my feet and my shoulders have really improved and rarely give me problems.  As for my hands, I can say that they have improved and the pain is much reduced. 


What a huge difference in my well being.  After starting the supplements and being more "loyal" to my Anti-inflammatory diet, I felt energy like I had never felt before.   As a teacher, in a typical year, I would be catnapping after school and feeling drained at least for the first three weeks of school.   This year, even with Covid and being in school with a full load of students  everyday that didn't happen.  I was stunned! 


My energy has remained very good almost all of the time.  Rarely, I feel fatigued or have an off night of sleep.   Knowing about my stool and urine tests put my mind at ease that we had addressed all of the underlying infectious and hormonal issues. My MSQ is now 8,  an 8-fold  improvement! 


I’m still working on the exercise and meditation part. I know I have felt what a huge difference it makes to be consistent with the practices.  I will keep working to be more consistent and am excited to graduate to Maryland Integrative Health Community Care and continue my healing journey with you Tricia!   


~ Elaine B.  

Millsoboro, DE

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