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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

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Heather P.

When I first came to see Dr. Thompson I was having what my primary doctor and allergist called I had unspecified urticaria.    I was having hives and rashes and allergy symptoms daily and I was taking four different allergy meds.


I also had been on medications for IBS for over a decade.   We worked together and developed a plan, it actually started with my gut.   Not even 3 months later my allergies have significantly improved!    I’m on one allergy medication now every other day and continuing to wean.    I am also off the medication for IBS and my belly is great with only a daily magnesium supplement. 


I’m shocked Dr. Thompson was able to get me off medications I’ve been on for most of my life. My sleep is also much better.   


I learned with a little motivation, encouragement & education I could make major changes in my life for the better. 


Thank you so much Dr. Thompson! 


Heather P.   Ocean View, DE

June 2022

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