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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

Michelle S

Michelle S

When  I first started to work with Dr. Thompson, my hormones seemed to be out-of-whack  - - - I was moody, gaining weight, had crazy heavy periods, brain fog, memory issues, anxiety, Interstitial Cystitis (IC) flares which lead to bladder pain as well as skin issues,that had been diagnosed as psoriasis.


Tricia gave me some supplements and suggested I do an elimination diet.  Also discussed how to reduce stress and control exercise (so it didn't control me).


Immediately after starting the Functional Medicine plan, I gained instant clarity in my brain and skin!  Moodiness subsided.  My interstitial cystitis will still flaring based on my monthly cycle, but not as extreme.  Periods still are really heavy, but I  think it's genetics with hormones.  

I was really surprised by how easy the fix was with diet and regulating my own activities and that there is a real thing about doing too much - too much exercise and too much stress.  

I learned that we function better when we aren't always doing so much.  And was surprised that diet really does affect everything  and what works for some may not work for me.  I also learned that I don't have to run and workout every day to stay healthy.  


Michelle S., Fenwick DE

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