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What Our Root Cause Patients have to say  . . .

Mature Woman patient

Karen Shockley

I had just been diagnosed with gastroparesis, after having nausea and vomiting for months and was told there was no cure.   Then, my doctors had the audacity to suggest I go online and GOOGLE what I should eat given the diagnosis!!!!  


My anxiety was at an all time high. I was tired of not feeling well and I wasn't satisfied with my doctors' lack of answers.


A colleague of mine who also suffered with stomach issues had worked with Dr. Thompson and was very happy with her results.   Dr. Thompson listened to me and was reassuring that the Root Cause program would help not only with my nausea but would definitely improve my overall well being. 


Tests were ordered that my doctors had not offered and supplements were prescribed and I began the program with food plan, motivational zoom meetings and teaching modules.  


I followed the 12 week program and it made all the difference in how I felt.   I had more energy, was sleeping well and rarely experiencing nausea and there was NO vomiting.  I was eating better, and knew what I was supposed to eat!   I lost a few pounds and learned so much about nutrition.   


Through this process I realized that gluten and sugar remain - not my friend.


I started meditating and it helped to ease my anxiety.   Positive thinking/mindfulness can really improve your quality of life.   I learned that my low self esteem and negativity can be changed by working the program.  I learned the value of meditation. 


Dr. Thompson is very passionate about her work and the assessment she provides is extremely detailed. Her 20+ years of experience as a doctor in the ER gives her a great perspective that enhances her teachings.


Although I finished the program Dr. Thompson listened to my issues and allowed me to continue for another few weeks.   I know I can return to the modules and other written resources whenever I need to!  


Karen Shockley

February 22, 2023

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